Sophos began manufacturing antivirus and encryption products in 1985, and currently has 100 million users in more than 150 countries and more than 100,000 businesses use the company’s products. The company’s security approach focuses on simplifying and integrating network security solutions, and it can be used to secure all network points from endpoints (including laptops to desktops and virtual servers) to web and email traffic as well as mobile devices.

Sophos is the first and only firewall to use its innovative Heartbeat technology to integrate and coordinate end-to-end firewall security. With this firewall feature, in the shortest time, the complex threats and attacks detected on the user’s system are notified and automatically take the necessary protection.

Sophos SG Series products offer greater power, optimum performance, and a variety of security features to secure today’s networks. For small networks and distant branches to large national and global corporate networks, Sophos SG products will be the right choice. Model diversity, high processing power and high security power with a user-friendly management environment, including Sophos capabilities. Sophos Series XG products bring more security and integration to the Sophos, various ready-made reports, power and speed, easy and simultaneous management of multiple firewalls, fast security with pre-built rules and automated user reports for network administrators.

In the XG Sophos, four modules are provided for further protection

Network Protection to stop threats and attacks
Web Protection to protect against all kinds of web-based attacks
Email Protection to protect against email threats Phishing, spam and data leaks
Web Server Protection to protect web servers against hacker attacks


Working is very simple. The user interface is designed with the view that users should use it easily. This interface allows you to quickly protect your network and users. Also, all day-to-day managerial issues can be easily accomplished. Network administrators quickly learn to work with this environment and often work with it as one of their sweetest experiences in using security products.
Sophos has been designed to deliver an extraordinary performance. The use of powerful Intel processors, the use of SSD drives and high-speed memory has made it a powerful, and fast device.
By providing UTM Sophos, you will have all the security features at your disposal. In fact, without the need to purchase another hardware device without additional expense, you have all the features seamlessly integrated into one device.
Get an overview of the entire network status. An inbuilt and powerful reporting system, without the need for any kind of side-by-side, will provide a complete report of the network’s status and the activities of your users. In Sophos, you can view and download more than 1,000 different reports in list and charts.
Recorded events and its robust search engine allow you to quickly explore thousands of different events and make it easy to find and fix potential problems. You can also get summary reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in your email box.

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