QNAP Company was founded in 2004 and has been designing hardware and software for unparalleled software, has provided significant technologies and products to the network storage industry. QNAP has its own policy of providing network storage (NAS) and network capture devices (NVRs) with features such as ease of use, efficiency, high reliability, and significant storage capacity. With the integration of technology and art, QNAP delivers products that dramatically improve productivity in file sharing, virtualization, storage management, and video surveillance systems, as well as providing an exciting experience from the Media Center, Home entertainment is easy and enjoyable for the entertainment community.

The company has a range of NAS products that meet the needs of all levels of the network. These products can support 1 to 8 SATA I, II, III hard drives and have a variety of Marvell and Intel processors, as well as DDR II, DDR III, DDR IV memory cards and powerful USB 3.0 transfer port.

In addition to this unique processing power, QNAP is able to manage the most secure and optimized network information through the use of an ideal Linux operating system. In addition, the ability to launch the best and most popular network services, such as Multi Web Server, Vtiger CRM, Asterisk, My SQL, FTP and more. It should be noted that all of these services are fully compatible with the NAS environment by the QNAP programming team, with the help of the super-fast QPKG interfaces, and has a very high performance on QNAP. These packages are very easy to install (one click) and are free of charge on the site.

The QNAP products are available in three general categories:

NAS (Network Attached Storage)
NVR (Network Video Recorder)
NMP (Network Media Player)
The variety of products in the network storage network is unique to its rivals, so that the brand meets all the needs of the SOHO (for home users and small business) SMBs (companies and middle and lower office) Enhancements and Enterprise (Large and Extensive Networks) are available for sale in your portfolio

QNAP NAS Series:

QNAP storage devices are provided with exclusive operating systems and various applications for home, corporate, and corporate applications.

QNAP Rackmount: Rackmount specially designed storage devices, high-volume, high-volume backups are designed and manufactured for corporate purposes.
QNAP Tower: QNAP ‘s standby storage devices have QTS operating systems and applications for home and corporate applications

QNAP storage for small busines

QNAP NVR Series:

The QNAP Storage for network Cameras, Images of IP camera, high-quality image capture, high-quality monitoring and support, are the capabilities of this system.

Products of this group:

Advanced Series Products: Includes professional NVRs
SMB Series Products: Includes products suitable for small, medium, and small businesses.
SOHO series products: A solution for home and small businesses …
VSM Series products: Includes products for convenient CMS applications (Centeralize Management System)

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