Ultrates started its activity in 2010. The company is organized by a team of experts specializing in strong and specialized technical as well as technical support of the information industry for the purpose of providing enterprise IT infrastructure and information management to the extent of private cloud, giving support and specialized training in IT fields, virtualization solutions and information storage, monitoring, management, consulting and equipment supply. Our solutions are proven to be fast, secure and accessible services, weather network, datacenter or storage utilizing the leading opportunities and practices technology can provide. The presentation and implementation of the solutions are based on internationally recognized standards.

We are dedicated IT or ICT professionals experienced and energized in bringing the best of modern enterprise ICT solutions . Here at ultrates we aim at how to control ICT and smoothly utilize its benefits to enterprises and mid to small businesses.

We believe that ICT should not consume us in any form but it should be an active servant of our indispensable influences and contributions. It is time we enslave, computers, robots and generally technology but not people.

Since 2010 we were implementing several infrastructure and information management systems in Eritrea. And we are proud to announce that the biggest infrastructure and information management system in Eritrea is constructed by us from its foundation.

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