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Kaspersky Lab, the full name of the Russian Kaspersky Lab, is active in the field of computer security, providing anti-malware (anti-virus) products and security products on all platforms, including mobile, data centers, corporate and personal systems. The company was founded in 1997 by Natalia and Eugene Kaspersky. Its main office is in Moscow Russia; it is represented in Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Japan, China, South Korea and the United States.

The company has provided a wide range of products and solutions for a wide range of customers with a special focus on small and medium enterprises as well as home users. The wide range of Kaspersky Lab products covers all the needs of different user groups, from personal users to enterprise users, and full protection against IT threats, including viruses, spyware, cybercrime, hacker attacks, Internet fraud and spamming. The quality of Kaspersky Products has been endorsed by the world of hardware and software, including Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell, Intel, Cisco.

Kaspersky Network Products:

In 1999, Kaspersky Lab was the first security company to introduce antivirus software to protect workstations and file servers based on Linux and FreeBSD operating systems. One of the most important features of Kaspersky Lab’s security products is the use of an easy-to-use management console for managing networked computers without limitation on the number of servers, local stations and operating systems running on them.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business:

Provides a wide range of security products designed by most skilled security experts. All components are integrated seamlessly in the form of a security platform for your business needs. The result is a consistent and seamless solution without any cavity and difficulty in compatibility and overload on your system.

At the heart of this integration is Kaspersky Security Center, which is a flexible management console. Integrated management for computers, portable devices, mobiles, virtual systems and servers is also easy.

Apply unified policies
Separate Web Console
Reporting by schedule and as needed

Manage mobile devices and single-user control devices with malware protection to provide multi-layer security even for employees who have a mobile or tablet.

File Server Protection:

Together with Endpoint Security, it is managed by Kaspersky Security Center’s management console.
File Server Protection assures you that the pollution is not passed through the stored data to users.

Mobile Security:

Mobile Anti-Malware The combination of cloud technologies, antivirus databases and smart engines all bring real-world protection to mobile devices. It also provides you with a secure Internet browser.

Mobile Device Management (MDM):

Kaspersky Security for Mobile fully integrates with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Apple MDM, and Samsung SAFE.

Remote Anti-Theft:

Monitor the SIM card, lock the device remotely, erase device information selectively or in full, restrict unauthorized access to the device, and corporate data if the device is stolen or lost. All features of this feature will be used.

Mobile Controls:

Network administrators can limit or manage the use of software. Blocking access to profitable websites or websites that conflict with corporate policies is the functionality of this software. Application Control-Dynamic Whitelisting enables real-time validation of files in KSN to enable IT managers to Blocking or restricting access to software. There is also the option to use the Default Deny scenario.

Endpoint Controls:

Web Control: By using this feature, you can restrict access to untrusted and unnecessary websites on the network.
Device Control: This feature allows you to limit the user’s level of access to all internal and external connections in their systems.

KASPERSKY ENDPOINT SECURITY FOR BUSINESS – SELECT also includes all components of the CORE license.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Advanced

Features include patching with prioritization, operating system image management, and remote troubleshooting along with the everyday needs of a network administrator. The hidden file encryption also provides a php security layer.

All of these are managed through an integrated Kaspersky Security Center.


Comprehensive File / Folder and Full Disk: It provides the ability to encrypt the entire disk or files (as the user does not notice), and also based on the standard (AES) 256 and encrypts all sensitive business information. It does not hurt to take data while stealing or accidentally erasing data.
Secure Data Sharing: This feature helps users easily encrypt and self-extract packets to ensure data security so they can easily be shared via email, network, web or portable storage. To be laid.

Vulnerability and Patch Management: Detects software vulnerabilities with distribution of patches and updates.
Operating System Deployment: Create and deploy and install operating systems from a central location.
Remote Software Distribution and Troubleshooting: Remote implementation and upgrades through a single console and scheduling for more than 100 scheduled or on-the-go applications. Troubleshooting also saves time.
Network Access Control (NAC): Automatically detects new devices on the network and restricts access to other devices on the network.
Hardware and Software Inventories: Full view and control (including blocking access) for all software on the network. It also provides automatic search and finding of all hardware (including controls on portable devices).

KASPERSKY ENDPOINT SECURITY FOR BUSINESS – ADVANCED also includes all CORE and SELECT license key components.


Extensive security for servers and system passes. The most comprehensive security and management platform is currently available among other companies. All layers of your network will be safe. It also has tools that will protect your users against malware threats from any type of device or their location on the network. It protects SharePoint servers against malware, as well as content filtering and does not allow the exchange of inappropriate content. This feature provides for an organization to securely access the Internet by removing malware and security software that uses HTTPS / FTP / SMTP / POP3 protocols. This feature effectively addresses email threats, phishing attacks and Spam in cloud computing.



Simplicity: Kaspersky products are designed to work seamlessly and efficiently with no inconveniences, and have no security hole.
Troubleshooting: Easy and effortless installation without the need for rebooting or installing additional software.
Implementing Policies Together: Security and control settings can be managed through a Policy.
Component Collaboration: The integrated components of this suite are able to share information for more efficiency, such as (a list of existing hardware information and control tools)
A deep and complete view: IT administrators are able to monitor, control, and report on their network environment.
Unique access management: All user activity is controlled and supervised.
One license, purchase: By purchasing a package, all the required functionality is provided.

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