Kerio offers its security products in software and hardware. Control is Kerio’s security products, which in recent years has found a lot of fans in our country. Kerio Control is a powerful UTM in the Next-Generation Firewall. Kerio Firewall is dedicated to providing network security against viruses, malware, spyware, and so forth. With easy, integrated, and centralized management. Kerio Control is a basic security advancement solution that includes Firewall, Router, Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Antivirus, VPN, and Content Management. In Kerio, an IDS / IPS engine is installed that allows comprehensive management of security threats and developments. You can also manage Web access to websites that may contain malware or for any reason they may not be viewed by the organization by Web Filtering.

Kerio Control automatically detects security layers and prevents network threats until the network administrator has implemented its flexibility with Policy Tools over users; Bandwidth Management, Network Monitoring, IPSec VPN connections for desktops, mobile devices, and various sites. Version 8 and later of this product is presented as a Software Appliance version that requires no operating system. In fact, Kerio Control Software Appliance is a customized version of Linux with Kerio Control installed on it.

Kerio Control software features:

  1. User management
  2. Integration with Active Directory
  3. Validation of users for network access
  4. Ability to assign IP automatically
  5. Ability to define the rules of access to the network and the Internet for each user
  6. Monitor user activity on the web
  7. It has a firewall to control access, preventing intrusion and vandalism in the network
  8. Has intrusion detection and prevention system
  9. Ability to prevent advertising ads
  10. Bandwidth management
  11. Bandwidth for different applications
  12. Supports VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol
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