Cisco is one of the largest networking and datacenter companies in the world. The most famous products of Cisco, most of which are known, are the company’s switches, routers, and firewalls. Cisco’s power and switching capabilities and routers are such that they can not be said to be the same in other brands. The number and variety of switches and routers in this company are huge, but most of the switches used in most companies and data centers in Eritrea are 3850, 3750, and 2960 families. Cisco’s switches will enhance the network’s ability to operate, as well as using Cisco’s innovations such as (Energy Wise) to manage energy in network operations.

In the mid-1990s, Cisco launched a small and inexpensive router for normal use, a router known as the SOHO term (Small Office / Home Office), which often features large commercial routers. Enterprise Series on a smaller scale. Many features, such as WAN connections and firewalls, are also available on these routers, so any organization and small company can easily get a router by purchasing a SOHO router.

Cisco is currently one of the largest networking equipment manufacturers in the world, with its headquarters in San Jose, California. The company has become a large international company and has many manufacturing and sales companies in many US states as well as other countries. This large company, with investments in other projects, as well as the purchase of famous companies such as Cerent (purchase in 1999), LinkSys (purchase in 2003) and Scientific Atlanta (purchase in 2005), have been able to enter Other markets include network equipment and, in addition to generating a variety of network routers, it has other equipment, such as Ethernet switches, Cisco Catalyst Switches, hardware firewalls, ATMs and Internet telephony (VOIP) ) and so on…

In IT-wide networks such as the Internet, the router is the device that sets the best way to send a packet to the destination. The router, based on network configuration and based on different algorithms, according to the current state of the network, establish connections between the networks. You can recognize the router as a distributor, because it decides which path to which packet is appropriate. Each router is a gateway, which in most cases includes a part of the network switch.

The router maintains a table of existing routes and conditions, and in some cases it creates. The router uses this information along with cost and distance algorithms to determine the best path for a data packet. Typically, a packet may be rolled through a number of network points before reaching the destination. Routing is actually a function of the network layer (layer 3) in the OSI communication system. Of course, it should be noted that Layer 3 switches are also partially capable of performing routing functions.

Today, the presence of routers in each network environment has become more colorful and we can see the presence of these devices in the networks of the home-based ISP to connect to a router, including network devices that rotate the data around the network and the task of delivering the message. And data routers, as well as routers can prevent unnecessary traffic or filter them. By looking at the data received by the router, it can determine the destination address of the data and then use the routing tables to provide the best route to reach the destination. Cisco has played a major role in the network over the long term in the field of routers manufacturing. Hence, Cisco can be considered one of the most important brands in this segment.

Cisco routers include the following models:

Cisco Router 800 Series
Cisco Router Series 1800
Cisco router series 1900
Cisco 2800 Series Router
Cisco 2900 Series Router
Cisco Router 3900 series
Note that routers are not placed in datacenters but in gateways and the above list is only for the gateway routers either internal or to the internet. As for the datacenter we have different products list.

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