Today, communication and information technology play an important role in the development of organizations, offices and companies, which in turn will lead to the development of countries. IT Infrastructure, Information Management and Network engineering and design is one of the main concerns of IT and corporate executives due to the vastness and complexity of computer technology and networks. And, from the point of view of network designers, this is a necessary and complete plan.

Ultrates’s Sustainable Safety Company has a strong team in this area during the following steps:

Existing network review, consulting and designing a new network in accordance with international standards ISO27001

  • Efficiency, reversibility and expandability in network design
  • Provision of required equipment, deployment and management of network and data canters
  • Securing network and data content based on access control, performance analysis and benchmarking, data loss prevention
  • Network Gridding (Routing, Switching)
  • Advice in coordinating different mechanisms that are active in a network. Such as hardware, software, the Internet, etc., along with the equipment for each line of lubrication and promotion of the overall network performance
  • Providing backup of important network information covered and ensuring that data is lost such as databases, important files, emails and other important network content, whether it is on servers or the cloud.
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