IBM (International Business Machines Corporation), as well as the largest in the field of information technology, mainly American and multinational, is also active in the production and sales of software and hardware, as well as services such as infrastructure, web hosting, nano technologies and Main Frame. It has its headquarters in Armagh, New York. It started in 1911 with the merger of American Computer Scale Company, International Time Recording, and several start-up companies .

Time Recording, and several start-up companies. The foundation of IBM has long been based on R & D, and based on this, IBM has 12 research labs in states and countries around the world, most notably the Thomas J. Research Center, Watson, which consists of three different sites. Due to the geographical scope and centralized management of the company, IBM employees received five Nobel Prizes, six Turing awards, ten national mediums for technology and innovation, and five national science degrees.

At present, its equipment and solutions are recognized as the standard for the world’s largest manufacturers of ICTs. The products of this company are also known as unique and stunning products for all those who are connected with the world of technology. IBM is trying to grow its systems and technologies at a moment’s notice and present them to industries, organizations, and banks.

Capabilities and features of advanced generations:

More CPU architecture, faster performance and better performance
More physical memory and more regular and more capable addressing
Dynamic growth and development of hardware and software systems
Increasing the amount of data available simultaneously and processing it to very large amounts
Increasing the number of online users and dramatically increasing the capabilities and security capabilities
Get the highest level of security for virtual services
Use of new high-speed network communications and connections
Improve and increase support for cached, software, databases
Parallel Sysplex technology for connecting different systems to another, such as Clustering
IBM sold its x86 server market to Lenovo’s Chinese company two years ago, but the cloud-based technology market is lucrative and active, which even tempts a company like IBM. The company recently introduced two new Power-E870C and Power-E880C Power Series servers, which are designed to work in very large and scalable cloud-distributive environments, and organize dozens of heterogeneous tasks in parallel. . Additionally, they are flexible enough for different workloads. New servers support Ubuntu and Unix operating systems and are very similar to the x86 servers, such as Facebook and Microsoft, with the exception of a set of features for use in the public cloud and private cloud.

IBM Power E880C Server and IBM Power E870C Server:

These servers benefit from IBM’s proprietary Power8 processors and support up to 32 TB of RAM. New servers are connected to the IBM Bluemix cloud service system, which is used for analyzing, gathering data, artificial intelligence and other advanced services on cloud computing. IBM’s new servers come with the popular OpenStack software and are equipped with a new feature called IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager.

With the help of this feature, you can define server-side computing resources for a variety of policy and management rules, so that the best workload on cloud computing can be done to accomplish different tasks. Due to the various configurations of these two servers, IBM has announced that customers will contact the company for more information, including price and ordering.

IBM’s most popular and best-selling servers:

Lenovo X3650: This server can be considered the best-selling and most popular server of recent years from the IBM System x family. This powerful two-unit server, the latest generation of which is the M5-generation, is being developed and supplied by the Lenovo brand, has two E5-2600 v3 processors from Intel’s Xeon series, as well as 24 slots with support for maximum DDR4 RAM of 1.5 TB.
Lenovo X3500: This stand-alone server can be considered the most popular server of the System x family of the IBM brand in recent years, which is the latest generation of the M5 generation by Lenovo. The server also uses the same features as the X3650’s Rackmount counterpart, with the difference that its chassis is different and supports more hard drives.

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