HP is an American Information Technology Company based in California. The company has provided a wide range of hardware and software components and services for small, medium and large businesses. The company has a large specialized business in the field of development and production of computing equipment, information storage equipment, network hardware, and specialized services. HP’s main products include various servers, storage devices and network products. During this period, HP acquired the shares of Compaq, 3Com, Palm and 3PAR. On October 6, 2014, HP introduced a program to split PC and printer sales from its enterprise products and services, which launched the project in October 2015 with the creation of two HPE and HP companies.

HPE MSA Storage:

HP is more than any other major manufacturer in storage industry, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, and the MSA or Modular Smart Array products designed for small and medium-sized SMBs have a reputation for value in purchasing, ease to expand, scalable, and affordable. New MSAs surpass the legs and have appeared at the Enterprise level, for example, FC SANs with 16 Gbps FC boosts in IOPs. For this purpose, HP has released a new, useful, and functional firmware upgrade for MSA Storages, which speeds up applications by up to 45%, and is available at no additional cost to the client. In this optimization, SSDs are also optimized for configuration in compound storages and up to 37,000 IOPS performance. This storage supports common operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and VMware. This model also supports iSCSI ports.

Models of this series: HP MSA 2040, HP MSA 2042, HP MSA 2050, HP MSA 2052


One of HPE’s products is the HPE 3PAR storage products series. The 3 PAR Company was founded in 1999 by three Jeffrey Price and Ashok Singhal and Robert Rogers in the state of California, and was purchased by HP in 2010 and now covers customer needs as a medium-sized enterprise storage or enterprise series. To give HPE 3PAR products with support for SSDs provide the ability to deliver All-Flash storage to companies and organizations, and benefit them from the speed and efficiency of these products. On the other hand, delivering Tier1 at affordable prices provides optimal storage for important information on SSD drives and storage of lower-level information on slower hard drives such as SAS or NL SAS. Using these products makes it possible That your data center is optimized and increases the availability of critical information up to 99.99999%.

Models of this series: HP 3PAR 20800, HP 3PAR 20450, HP 3PAR 8450, HP 3PAR 82400, HP 3PAR 8200 HP 3PAR 20850, HP 3PAR 20840

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